The Journey of a Full Stack Developer

  • Add Custom Step to Checkout

    Add Custom Step to Checkout

    There are scenarios where we need to capture some additional information during checkout. Here are a couple of scenarios I’ve implemented in Magento: Magento’s checkout supports these scenarios. As a developer, it’s just a matter of hooking into the code properly. In order to accomplish this, we need to hook into .. I have a…

  • DevOps Skills

    DevOps Skills

    I’m extremely familiar with the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySql/Maria/Postgres, PHP). If a server breaks, I can find the error message in the log files, and fix it over SSH. I’ve been using Docker and Docker Compose since 2013. I’ve created custom Dockerfiles and docker-compose files to match the environment of the Production server. In…

  • Javascript Skills

    Javascript Skills

    Around 2016, I started learning about building Single Page Applications with Javascript. My project at the time was using Backbone JS ; which is similar to React and Angular. This is a screenshot from one of the SPAs I built . Here’s a look at how it works: The Search Products tab has a few…

  • Magento Experience

    Magento Experience

    I started working with Magento in 2009. I recently renewed my developer certification. Here is a link to my badge. Modules I’ve created Sites I’ve worked on

  • About Me

    About Me

    Hi ! I’m Jesse . I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife and 2 kids. I grew up in Minnesota Yes, the winters are cold. As a kid, if I wasn’t snowboarding, I was playing with Linux and building computers. At the age of 16, I landed a job at a local PC…