Magento Experience

I started working with Magento in 2009. I recently renewed my developer certification. Here is a link to my badge.

Modules I’ve created

  • “Groupon” clone
    • The higher number of orders, the lower the price.
  • Prepared Meal Subscription similar to “Blue Apron”
    • Custom portal for choosing your meals
    • Subscription handled by CIM
  • Product search results by geographical location
    • Each product is assigned to a regional warehouse
    • GeoLocation data is passed through Fastly, into Magento
    • Magento adjusts the ElasticSearch query to boost the warehouse
    • Full Page Cache is handled using a Vary HTTP Header
  • Single Sign On (SSO) using OAuth2 and SAML
    • Multiple Login Providers: Google, Microsoft Azure, KeyCloak
    • Some companies have their own Internal systems also
  • Synchronize ecommerce data with ERP
    • NetSuite
    • Odoo
    • Basys

Sites I’ve worked on

  • LG Electronics
    • Portal for product returns
    • Integration with product installation services
      • List of suppliers pulled into the checkout
      • The selected supplier receives a data push after a successful order is created
      • The selected supplier is saved on the order, and managed from the Magento admin
  • Just For Men
    • Integration with various marketing APIs
    • B2B shopping experience
  • JetBrains Merchandise
    • Integration with Basys ERP
      • Order data is pushed to the ERP after payment is successful
    • B2B checkout
      • Added a step to Magento’s checkout for selecting a Billing Entity
      • Billing Entities were imported into a custom db table
      • Single Page App using knockout.js and Magento’s javascript APIs
  • 2nd Swing Golf
    • I was the lead developer, and I worked on every area of the site
    • We had started implementing Magento PWA, but it went to the backlog so that we could get the site up sooner