DevOps Skills

I’m extremely familiar with the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySql/Maria/Postgres, PHP). If a server breaks, I can find the error message in the log files, and fix it over SSH.

I’ve been using Docker and Docker Compose since 2013. I’ve created custom Dockerfiles and docker-compose files to match the environment of the Production server. In general, each project will have its own docker environment.

I’ve been using Bitbucket Pipelines since 2017. I am able to configure the pipeline, and add custom steps to it. Here’s a quick look at how it works:

  • Bitbucket connects to Docker Hub
  • Image is rebuilt, the Container is started, and Bitbucket connects to its Terminal
    • The PHP Composer packages are freshly installed
  • Validation steps in bitbucket-pipelines.yaml are executed. For example:
    • PHP Unit tests are executed
    • PHP Stan is executed for static code analysis ; proper code styling
  • After all steps are finished, you will see a Success or Error message
    • If a Success message is returned, you are safe to merge and deploy the code to staging or production
    • If an Error message is returned, it should be returned to development and testing